Recent Projects

Window to Door Transformation

For this job we removed the bricks and old window then replaced it with a new door.

The owners are now building and painting a new deck for it to open out on to. 

We are really happy with the finished product and the owner thought it looked great!

New Concrete Pad

For this new concrete pad job we:

- Scraped off grass
- Prepared for concrete
- Laid coloured concrete

to provide a clean dry area to meet the owners needs. 

The final look is great and was just what the owners wanted. 

Outdoor Spa Transformation

For this outdoor transformation we replaced an old garden with a new patio for the spa. 

How we did this:

- We stripped out the old garden

- Prepared the ground for the concrete

- Laid the concrete

- Shifted the spa

- Made a step to fit against the deck and spa.

We love the final look! 

Climbing Wall Bunk Bed

This bunk bed was designed for a 5 year olds birthday present. 

We had great fun figuring it all out and putting it together. 

The climbing wall and ladder were chosen by the birthday boy himself and it was a great hit! 

Carport Transformation

We recently transformed this carport with a concrete deck above into a lockable garage with new, stylish sliding doors. 

The new sliding doors are made from steel framing and the filled with shadow clad plywood.

We love the final look and are happy with the space it's provided for the owners. 

Laundry Renovation

For this laundry renovation we took out the original 1930s cupboards and upgraded to a slick, modern look for the owners.

Other things we did:

-Removed the old 1980's era tub.

-Supplied and installed joinery.

-Changed power points and plumbing.

We loved how it all came together, and how much more space it created in the room. 

Princess Bunk Bed

Every princess needs a castle!

We designed, created, painted and installed this 'princess style' bunk bed.

It included an attached ladder to the bed on top, with space to play underneath. 

The colours were picked by the Princess herself, from the Resene range. 

Whole Wall Bookcase

This was a fun project where we built a floor to ceiling, whole wall bookcase with the room access door in the middle.

The finished creation was painted custom wood at 4.5 metres wide and 3.2 metres high. 

As with most character homes, it wasn't without its challenges: the ceiling sagged, the floors were out of level and both walls out of plumb. 

However, we love the finished look. 


Chimney Replacement

This project involved the replacement of multiple chimneys. 

These chimneys were part of a heritage listed restoration project on a house from the 1860s. They were all the original chimneys, and all 9 were working fires.

The Wooden Jacket built new decorative plastered chimney's as well as the octagonal chimney pots.

We love restoration projects where we are able to match the original style.


Landscaping on the Hill

This project involved landscaping on a property on the hill.

We built a retaining wall made of treated pine, as well as exterior steps, paths, stone walls and a deck.

We are pretty pleased with the difference you can see in the before and after photos and think the area will look beautiful once it is planted. 


Decorative Gable on 1910 Villa Restoration

This project involved restoring the gable end on an old 1910's villa.

As you can see in the before photo, many of the barge boards were rotten.

The Wooden Jacket made completely new barge boards and top t&g as well as repainting the whole area. 

As you can see in the after photo, it has now been beautifully restored to its former glory. 

Renovation at Harewood Medical Centre

This project involved taking shifting the wall between the toilets, to make one wheelchair accessible. 

You can see in the 'during' photo, what the space looked like with no wall.

It was also a complete upgrade, with both rooms being relined and repainted, as well as new toilets and fittings. 

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